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Principle of isyControl

The basic requirement for an operating project control is to have all data permanently available, thus reflecting the efficiency in a planning office.

To this end isyControl manages so-called master data, which is set up initially and needs only occasional attention, "behind the scenes". The current project's status is reflected by running data

The following are considered to be “master data”:

  • Cost groups
    labour costs, material costs, travel costs, telephone costs...
  • Cost units
    outside companies, copies
  • Personnel
    The employees within the office; supplemented by the administration of the target hours and the access rights. Each individual employee is at the same time a special cost unit.
  • Partial performances
    Fragmentation of a project; e.g. in service phases
  • Activities
    recurring activities within the time records
  • Cost rate groups
    Groups of cost rates for invoicing

The following are considered to be “running data“:

  • Projects
    isyControl uses a hierarchical structured project database. Every project can have a number of sub projects. In order to adjust the information content of the projects freely definable project parameters are available.
  • Expenses
    All expenses are collected in terms of project-related costs in a centralised database. Thereby every expenditure is arranged chronologically and allocated to a cost unit (employee, outside company,…), to a cost type (labour costs, material costs,…) and to partial performances (service phase). This allows later analysis in accordance to different criteria.
  • Working Hours
    The biggest portions of the total costs in a planning office are in relation to labour costs. The acquisition of project hour data can be done in three ways:
    • Add-On isyControl-Times: This tool runs co-resident and records the time you are working on a project.
    • Direct entry of the exact work times into the database. A special calender mode is available for this.
    • Local collection of work hours of employees without access to the central company network. This work hour data is then transferred to the central database by the export and import functions.
    This administrative time recording not only serves to acquire the project costs. With the recorded hours it is possible to achieve management of overtime hours and holidays. The target hours of the employees are generated automatically, with regional public holidays being taken into consideration.
  • Invoices
    Invoices are also entered into the database in terms of their relation to the projects. Fragmentation of the payments (installments) is possible.

As analysis of the data special screen views and a number of ready-made and freely-definable reports are used, which helps to print the data to paper.

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