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Questions and answers to isyControl

Which database does isyControl use?
isyControl uses DBISAM. This database engine is fully integrated into the program and doesn't need any separate installation.
What has to be minded when using network licenses?
Your data is stored on a central computer. This can be a dedicated server or a PC that is used as server and workstation at the same time (Peer-to-Peer).
The database engine operates in client/server mode, that means all database queries are executed on the server and only the data requested by the workstation is transferred over the network.
isyControl works with record locking. Different workstations can edit the same database table, but not the same record at the same time. If some data has been edited on one workstation, these changes are displayed immediately on the other workstations showing the same table.
Can I work in my home office and enter my data via the internet?
Yes. You only have to make sure, that there is a connection via RAS or VPN from your home computer to the server in the office.
Should my employees enter their working hours into the system themselves?
Yes. Using the network every employee has access to the central database where all data is collected and can enter his working times as soon as they are originated. So you have always an actual overview over the state of your projects. isyControl provides some easy to handle tools for the registration of your working hours. more...
Can some specific areas of the program be locked for specific users?
Yes. Every employee gets a login name and password. For every employee different access rights can be defined separately for every screen form and every report. So, for example, it may be decided that an employee can may only enter his own working hours and print a list of his times, but is restricted from viewing the project analyses. more...
Do I have to buy a licence for each workstation?
No. You can install isyControl on as many workstations as you want. The number of purchased licences determines only how many users can work with the program at the same time..
I have worked with my own solution up to now. Can I migrate my exiting data to isyControl?
Yes. isyControl offers extensive import possibilities for different common data formats. more...
Can I create invoices with isyControl?
Yes. Invoices based on working hours and expenses or flat invoices can be generated. more...
I need a special report. Can I create it with isyControl and how difficult is this?
With the "general Report" isyControl offers the possibility to compose a report that accesses any desired data out of the database and can combine, sort and group it in different ways. The setting of such a report is done once in a special clear dialog window.
Nevertheless, if you need help with creating your report, don't hesitate to contact our support. We will either help you or or we create the report for you based on your template.

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