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Data exchange

Nowadays software users don't live on a lonesome island. Use the various import and export functions of isyControl (e.g. for importing of data from other software when starting with isyControl or for passing data to a bookkeeping software).

You can import data from third-party programs into the database of isyControl. This is useful if you have worked with a third-party product so far or with your own solution based on standard software. The import function can also be used to import data of employees who are not connected with the company’s network.
The following formats are available for import:
Text file (*.txt, *.csv, *.prn)
Excel (*.xls)
Access (*.mdb)
Word (*.doc)
HTML (*.htm)
Paradox (*.db)
dBase (*.dbf)
isyControl can export any data for use in other programs. This allows an analysis or a presentation of the data in other office programs or processing them in a bookkeeping system.
The export of data is implemented in the reporting function. The following formats are available:
XLS with Layout
XLS only Data
HTML with Layout
HTML only Data
TXT with Layout
TXT only Data
For the formats with layout, RTF and PDF it is tried to keep the original layout as far as possible. For other formats only the raw data is exported sometimes increases usability with other software.

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