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Time keeping

Exact, real-time tallying of employee hours is essential for analysis to achieve a mangerially useful level of projects.
Every employee enters his working hours to the specific project into the central database. A simultaneous control, invisible for non-admins, prevents (users from undertaking) unauthorized manipulations.
In order to make the time keeping, the central task of the project controlling, as simple as possible, isyControl provides three alternative tools:

Add-On isyControl-Times
This tool runs co-resident and records the time each worker spends on a project. Prior to work on a project one starts the timekeeping with the icon in the taskbar. After finishing the work timekeeping is resolved by a simple further click on the same icon.
The work time is then automatically saved in the central database and can always be edited afterwards. For editing one can use the window Working Hours from the main program.
Furthermore you can print-out your times. For this, two reports from the main program are implemented: Working Hours and Time Sheet.
Thus isyControl-Times offers all functions necessary for timekeeping. On workstations dedicated to timekeeping, it is not necessary to use the main program isyControl.
isyControl-Times uses the centralised rights administration of isyControl. The access rights that the administrator sets in the main program in personnel administration are also valid for isyControl-Times.
In the calender mode of isyControl you enter the working hours clearly in a dayly or weekly view.
The table view of the time keeping is advantegeous for an overview over a larger time period or over several employees. Beside this it is not necessary here to use the field "Time of Day" when there is no need to do so in your office.

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